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The  strong  real  economic  fundamentals of the Nordic region will keep up   domestic   demand   –   and   thereby   economic  growth  and  employment  –  despite  the  sluggish  global  economy.  This  will  in  turn  generate  stable  cashflows for well–located properties of high quality in all the major cities. The prop-erty market also has an advantage over other  types  of  asset  in  that  it  is  more  stable than the stock market while pro-ducing  more  attractive  yields  than  the  bond  market.  All  in  all,  there  are  large  amounts  of  capital  around  the  world  searching   for   safe   returns.   However, the  options  are  few  and  investors  have   started  to  question  old  rules  of  thumb  regarding what is safe and what is not. In this environment the Nordic property market seems an increasingly appealing investment choice. The Nordic property market will keep on performing, and the recent  turmoil  has  only  pinpointed  the  str gion

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