Executive Summary

The economic recovery which started  in mid 2009 is continuing. The global  recovery is  affecting the Nordic and  Baltic countries through increasing  demand for exports and higher willingness for risk among investors.

The Baltic countries are recovering  from a deep recession. Exports have  been the single most important engine  but domestic demand is now slowly  starting to increase in importance.

Nordic market interest rates were at historically low levels in 2010. However, the Swedish and Norwegian central banks started to increase their steering interest rates during 2010.

Baltic market interest rates have  decreased substantially during late  2009 and 2010 and are expected to converge further with the euro area  as the economies recover.

Newsec expects inflation and shortterm interest rates throughout the Northern European region to remain  at a low level for some years due to the large output gap in the world
economy and an intense global competition that puts strict limits on price increases.

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The Property Market is Prospering in a World of Continuously Cheap Capital
Executive Summary
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