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Property strategy for Karlskogahem

23. MAJ 2023

 ▪ 1 Min læsetid


Ulrika Lindmark

Head of Valuation & Strategic Analysis, Newsec Advisory in Sweden



Karlskoga, Sweden





Karlskogahem required support in meeting the demand for properties of today’s and future residents of Karlskoga. Thus, a revision of Karlskogahem’s current property stock had to be conducted. The investigation would result in a local property strategy which accounted for the future need of housing and group accommodations within the Social Administration. Karlskogahem chose Newsec as their strategic advisor.

In the autumn of 2019 Newsec collaborated with Karlskogahem and delivered a property strategy which contained a proposition for efficiency solutions within the management and ownership of the properties. An analysis of rent levels and queues for housing was conducted which resulted in a clear recommendation for how this and the general housing market in Karlskoga could work more efficiently.

The report from Newsec gives us good support in our continued work in building the future of Karlskoga.


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