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Kim, Head of Commercial Management

What do you do at Newsec?
Approximately 4 million square meters of commercial real estate in Norway are managed by Newsec. One of our key goals as property managers is to increase the shareholder value of the asset under our management, which is primarily the responsibility of the Property Manager. This includes ensuring that the properties are in excellent condition for our clients, tenants, and vendors. As Head of Commercial Management, I have a national responsibility for our Property Managers in Norway, providing coaching, motivation, and supervision as we work to continuously improve the properties that we manage. Additionally, I serve as Key Account Manager for the NREP Portfolio in Norway.

What do you like the best about working at Newsec?
The highlight of being a part of Newsec is undoubtedly the people. It's a privilege to work with such knowledgeable and experienced colleagues. Additionally, Newsec often feels like a big group of friends where everyone enjoys each other's company. I also really appreciate the variety in the assignments and projects we work on. In Property Management, a typical day consists of meetings with clients and tenants, managing ongoing maintenance projects, reporting, identifying, and executing actions for improvement, and leasing activities. Moreover, in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, we continuously work on ways to optimise property management practices, which is both a challenging and fulfilling journey to be a part of.

What attracted you to Newsec?
I always wanted to work with properties' entire life cycle, not just parts of it. In Newsec, we are present with a full scope of services, whether it's assisting clients in making new investments, implementing, and executing property management strategies, or divesting the property.

Have you had other roles at Newsec?
Personally, my journey with Newsec began as a Property Manager in 2015. A few years later, I was offered an opportunity to work in Valuation and Strategic Analysis in Denmark, after my wife moved to Copenhagen to study. During that period, I gained a deeper understanding of different aspects of real estate. After spending two years in Denmark, I returned to Norway and was appointed Head of Commercial Management .