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Pekka, Senior Financial Specialist

Pekka moved to the Helsinki metropolitan area and found a career

He currently works as a Financial Specialist in financial administration. When he moved from Rovaniemi to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in 2018, Pekka was ready to take on new challenges and his wish was to find a job where he could develop and advance as a professional.

Pekka joined Newsec in November 2018, first as a trainee but after only a few months before the trainee period officially ended, he became a permanent employee as an Accountant.

The change was driven by the desire for career development opportunities. Originally from Rovaniemi, Pekka graduated from the University of Oulu 2012 with a Master's degree in Economics and Business Administration, and a major in accounting, after which he worked as a Property Manager in Rovaniemi. Pekka gained a lot of experience in financial administration and property management, which gave him a good overall picture of the industry. However, something was clearly missing.

At the time, Pekka felt that the opportunities for career development in financial administration were limited. Even though the company was large, the city, and the office where Pekka worked was small and with limited opportunities for the advancement he sought. So Pekka made the bold decision to move to the Helsinki metropolitan area in search of new challenges.

"My motivation for the change was the master’s degree I had in my pocket, and I wanted to be able to seize the opportunities offered by my education to grow and advance professionally. I saw these opportunities in the Helsinki area, so I decided to go ahead with this life change," says Pekka.

The right job was found almost immediately. Pekka enrolled in additional training to further develop his skills in financial management. One of the companies he came across during the program was Newsec, and after completing the training he ended up doing an internship at Newsec as a trainee. The trainee period didn't last long, after only a few months, Pekka was asked to transition from a trainee to a permanent role in financial administration.

Pekka quickly realised that Newsec offered good opportunities for him to advance in his career.

"There are many different roles in the company with great opportunities for developing your skills. Already as a trainee, I had a very positive image of Newsec. The company seemed to be moving forward, and growth opens up more and more career opportunities. We are also constantly striving to improve our operations," says Pekka.

He describes himself as a person who likes to seize opportunities and it has paid off, Pekka has progressed from his initial role as Accountant to the role of Financial Specialist and has been given many new challenges and responsibilities. Today, Pekka handles accounting, financial administration and reporting for five different accounts.

"If I am presented with a new responsibility or task, I will never automatically say no. My work motivation has always been maintained by increasing challenges and learning new things," Pekka says.

People centered workplace values with a passion for colleagues & clients: "In my opinion, what makes Newsec a particularly good place to work is definitely that people care about people here. Like many other companies, we have a values statement in writing, but we really live and act according to them every day. When I stop to look at my work community, I notice that caring takes place in many ways, and my fellow Newsec:ers are not just an expense," Pekka describes.

As concrete examples, he mentions flexibility in everyday life, appreciation and an atmosphere of trust.

An open atmosphere also enables employees to influence the development of processes that support work, to better meet their needs.

“There is a desire to continuously develop this moving and growing company in many ways. Operating methods and processes are constantly improved to make everyday work easier," Pekka smiles.